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When you look at one or two K-Cup® pods by themselves, they seem pretty tiny. But have you ever imagined how many K-Cups® coffee drinkers across the United States—and all over the world—enjoy every day? Keurig® sells billions of K-Cups® each year. Yes, billions.


According to a New York Times article posted in September of 2013, estimates suggest that the company had sold around 6.2 billion K-Cups® between January and September of 2013.


More than half of K-Cup® sales are in the United States. In 2014, the company plans to work on expanding sales of Keurig® single-cup brewing systems and K-Cup® beverage portion packs to countries across the globe.


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No matter where you live, you can't always find the K-Cups® you want in your local stores. There are just too many varieties for brick-and-mortar stores to stock them all. And new varieties are available all the time as Keurig® partners with more companies which make the coffees, teas, and specialty drinks that customers have grown to love.


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