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Are K-Cups® Recyclable?

Are K-Cups® Recyclable?

 You may be wondering if the plastic used in making K-Cups® can be recycled. At this time, the plastic is not recyclable through conventional curbside recycling programs. However, Keurig® has developed a program called “Grounds to Grow On” which allows workplace customers to collect and return used K-Cups® to be converted into energy through an “energy-from-waste” process.

Anyone with aluminum foil recycling can recycle the foil lid which keeps the K-Cup® sealed. You can also remove the paper filter from the inside of the cup and either clean it so that you can recycle it with paper products, or put it into your food/yard waste bin if you have such an option with your garbage pickup.

Keurig® has a strong commitment to environmentally sustainable practices and is always working on continuing to improve the engineering of its products. The company is mindful of greenhouse emissions in the production of its brewing systems and beverage packs.

The single-serve brewing process uses less energy than conventional “batch” brewing, and you also save water by only adding as much as you need for a cup rather than filling an entire coffee pot or teakettle.

You can be assured that the makers of Keurig® products are aware of their customers' interests in environmentally friendly products—and we feel the same way at Your Coffee Cup. We welcome you to email us and share your thoughts about Keurig® brewing systems and K-Cups®.