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At Your Coffee Cup, of course we drink a lot of coffee brewed in our Keurig® single-cup brewer. But our Keurig® machine has also become our go-to source for making tea. One of the most popular tea brands available in K-Cup® portion packs, Bigelow teas are blended in the United States by The Bigelow Tea Company.

You might not know the name Ruth Bigelow, but you've probably heard of the tea she created in 1945: Constant Comment. Her signature flavor has become a very popular speciality tea blend using orange peel and spices.

Bigelow makes a wide variety of black teas, green teas, herbal teas, and iced teas. From green pomegranate to vanilla chai, you can find classic Bigelow teas to suit for every taste. And more and more of these flavors are making the transition to K-Cup® portion packs, so keep an eye on Your Coffee Cup to keep up with the latest offerings.

For some great deals on Bigelow teas, they are also available as part of several different K-Cup® beverage sampler packs containing combinations of both coffees and teas. We especially love these combo packs for offices and entertaining.

The Bigelow Tea Company is based in Connecticut and has been making delicious and much-loved teas since the 1940s. It's a family-owned company, run by the son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren of founder Ruth Bigelow.

Did you know that the company also owns the only tea plantation in the United States? Honestly, they have a big dedication to tea—and to bringing quality products to tea drinkers everywhere, including those of us who love to make tea in our Keurig® single-cup brewers.

You'll find your favorite Bigelow teas in fresh K-Cup® packs here at Your Coffee Cup. Try the classics Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas. Bigelow also makes a green tea which is not only tasty but has a number of health benefits such as helping to lower cholesterol and reduce depression.

An independent business focused on providing customers with delicious tea blends, Bigelow is a trusted brand, and we always keep their teas on hand at Your Coffee Cup for a relaxing and delightful

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