Huge selection of Keurig® Brewing Systems & K-Cup® Portion Packs

Brewing Name Brand Coffee at Home

Brew Name Brand Coffee at Home

When you think of Keurig Brewed® beverages, do you think of brands like Tully's, Starbucks, and Peet's? You can enjoy your favorite coffee, one cup at a time, by trying easy-to-use K-Cup® packs featuring blends from the brands you already know and trust.

If you explore the variety of coffees available on Your Coffee Cup, you may find some pleasant surprises. Did you know that celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has a New Orleans-inspired “Big Easy Bold” blend of coffee available for your Keurig brewer? How would you like to enjoy a single-cup portion of delicious “donut shop” style coffee without the temptation of all those donuts staring back at you across the counter?

You'll find a variety of decaf coffees, organic coffees, and more—you name it, and you can brew it effortlessly in a K-Cup®. You might also enjoy trying K-Cup® variety packs as they allow you to sample a range of different tastes.

With more than 200 different K-Cup® beverage portion packs as well as Keurig brewing systems, Your Coffee Cup is a great introduction to the world of single-serve coffee, as well as other hot beverages like tea and cocoa. The site offers a convenient way to order the flavors you already love—and the

Enjoy Brand Name Coffee at Home and at Work


The makers of Keurig Brewing Systems and K-Cups® have reached out to form partnerships with many recognizable names in the coffee world. You'll find single-serve portions of your favorite brands like Starbucks and Folgers. You'll also find organic, fair trade coffees from brands like Green Mountain Coffee.


I always like to keep a variety of K-Cup® packs on hand so that no matter who drops by to visit, they can select the coffee of their choice. As a regular coffee drinker myself, I also like to try new flavors, and it's more convenient to order a selection of different K-Cups® online than to shop around for different coffees to try.


The single-serve aspect of a Keurig brewer also makes it perfect for office environments, especially if you have meetings with individual clients. Instead of taking your client out for coffee, he or she can enjoy a brand-name beverage from the comfort of your office.


One of the pleasures of brewing coffee at home is the delicious aroma that fills your kitchen. Then there's that first wonderful sip. With Keurig Brewed® beverages, that first sip never disappoints because the K-Cup® packs keep your coffee fresh, locking in the flavor until you choose to brew the single-serve portion of your choice.


For the latest selection of coffees, keep an eye on the 200+ listings of coffees, teas, and other Keurig products at Your Coffee Cup.