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How to Save Money on Keurig® Single-Serve K-Cup® Portion Packs

How to Save Money on Keurig® Single-Serve K-Cup® Portion Packs


One of the benefits of using a Keurig® single-serve brewing system is that you get a freshly made beverage while saving a lot of money compared with buying coffee, tea, cocoa and other gourmet drinks at your local coffee shop. You save money at Your Coffee Cup without sacrificing quality, and you can find many of your favorite brands in K-Cup® packs, including world-famous blends by companies like Starbucks and Tully's.


Why pay $3 or more for a barista to make your coffee when you can easily make your favorite beverages for less than $1 a cup from the comfort of your home? You simply can't beat the freshness guaranteed by K-Cup® packaging: your coffee never goes stale. When you stock up on K-Cups®, from Your Coffee Cup, the last cup is as fresh as the first.


The good news is, thanks to Your Coffee Cup, you don't have to search all over the internet to find good prices on K-Cups®: you can find the best deals on K-Cups® here at Your Coffee Cup, where we keep an eye on the latest prices to bring you Keurig® brand products for less than what you'd expect to pay elsewhere.


Brick and mortar retail stores often have significantly higher prices on K-Cups®. We simply don't have the same overhead costs, and we pass the savings along to you. The next time you're out shopping for groceries, make note of the prices for single-serve coffee portion packs, and then log onto Your Coffee Cup and compare. You could very well save 25 cents or more per K-Cup® portion, and those quarters really start adding up over the course of a month.


Our favorite tip for saving money on K-Cups is that you can often find the best prices by buying in larger quantities. Your favorite brands are available in multipacks to save you money. Simply type the name of your preferred flavor into the search box at the upper left of any Your Coffee Cup page, and you'll find our latest deals. You can also browse by brand name, by type of beverage, and more by using the links along the left-hand side of any of the pages on our site.


If you're new to the Keurig® brewing system and aren't sure yet which flavors you prefer, you can save money by buying variety packs which contain different quantities of portions, from smaller 18-cup packs to large packs containing over 70 K-Cups® to enjoy. These variety packs from Your Coffee Cup are also great to have on hand for entertaining guests or for office environments to make sure that people with many different tastes in coffees and teas will be sure to find something to their liking.


Be sure to bookmark Your Coffee Cup dot org and visit our site regularly because different flavors of K-Cups® are frequently offered on sale. Our prices are always low, but with sale prices, you might just find that it's the ideal time to order a few extra packs of your favorite coffees, teas, and more.