Huge selection of Keurig® Brewing Systems & K-Cup® Portion Packs

K-Cup Accessories

K-Cup Accessories

Did you know that Keurig® recommends that you store your unopened K-Cup® coffees and other beverage portion packs in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight? This is why Your Coffee Cup suggests that you consider a storage system for your K-Cups®. Customized storage solutions—from storage drawers to storage carousels—also make great gifts for friends who know and love Keurig® brewing.

The “best used by” date on your K-Cups® is six months past the date that coffee was roasted. Keep that in mind as you stock up on K-Cups® and especially when buying a storage system as different units hold different amounts of K-Cups®, and you can find one that meets the particular needs of your household or office, depending on how many single-cup beverages you brew each day.

In addition to selling storage systems for your Keurig® single-serve portion packs, Your Coffee Cup carries other accessories to help you personalize your brewing experience and to keep your Keurig® brewer running well. We carry reusable filters as well as disposable filters that you can use in place of prepackaged K-Cup® portions, for those times when you want to brew your own coffee in your Keurig® brewing system. We also carry Clean Cup brewer cleaning cups to keep your brewer running in optimal condition. Please be sure to bookmark Your Coffee Cup as we're always adding more great products for fans of Keurig® coffees, teas, and other brewed beverages.

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K-Cup Accessories

After we'd been using our Keurig K-Cup® single-serve brewer for a few months, your friends at Your Coffee Cup realized that we needed a better way to store all of the K-Cups® that were populating our kitchen. Fortunately, there are a variety of custom-made storage systems for Keurig® beverage portion packs.

When it comes to organizing your K-Cups®, it's a matter of personal taste which storage system you prefer. Storage drawers are very popular. We like them because they make efficient use of space, and you can even stack a couple of sets of drawers together. This is a great option for home kitchens especially.

In office environments, many people like storage carousels because of the way they allow everyone to easily see the variety of available K-Cups® and quickly choose their favorites. This display-oriented method for storage is perfect for settings where you are regularly offering K-Cup® single-serve beverages to clients or other guests.

Find a wide selection of storage solutions and other Keurig® accessories here at Your Coffee Cup—we're here to help you keep your K-Cups® fresh and organized!