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What Brewed Beverages Are Available as K-Cups?


Countless coffee drinkers have been embraced the single-cup coffee brewing experience since Keurig invented the K-Cup back in 1998. People say they like the convenience of making freshly brewed coffee at home in less than two minutes. Many daily coffee drinkers who make the switch to K-Cup coffee instead of buying coffee at a coffee shop or drive-thru espresso stand find that they ultimately save a lot of money as well as a lot of time.

What are K-Cups? They are individually prepared portion packs which contain everything you need for the beverage you're going to brew. The K-Cup coffee packs contain a precisely measured amount of coffee grounds plus a small coffee filter.

Over the years, the line of products available in the K-Cup format has continued to grow. Numerous coffee beverages are available, from internationally known names like Starbucks to more regional brands like Peet's Coffee. There are light roasts and dark roasts—and everything in between. The full spectrum of options can be found, from decaf to half-caff to fully caffeinated blends.

People who like flavored coffees can also find their favorites in single-cup portion packs. Several brand names offer flavors like mocha, hazlenut, and French vanilla. And brands like Newman's Own offer organic coffees, too. Reusable K-Cup filters are also available if there's a particular coffee blend (maybe from a small local roaster) someone wants that isn't yet available for K-Cups.

While coffee is the most popular product available in the K-Cup format, there are also a variety of other beverages specially packaged for use in single-cup brewing systems.

There are many different teas made for single-cup brewers. Keurig works with internationally known tea producers such as Twinings and Celestial Seasonings to make K-Cup teas. In addition to hot teas, there's also iced tea for single-cup brewing for those moments when you want a tall glass of iced tea but don't want to brew an entire pitcher.

Another popular beverage for K-Cups is hot cocoa. There are a number of different blends available, from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. There are also specialty flavors like white chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate. Along a similar line, different varieties of hot apple cider are available, too.

Keurig is always looking to expand the K-Cup line, so if you have a favorite beverage that you can't find for your single-serve brewer yet, you might just find it very soon.

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