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K-Cup® Coffee Portion Packs

What is a K-Cup®?

On the surface level, you could say that a K-Cup® is a single-serve portion pack of coffee, tea, or another brewed beverage that you simply insert into your Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system to enjoy the fresh and delicious drink of your choice.

At Your Coffee Cup, we like to define the K-Cup® as the perfect meeting place between instant coffee and barista-made specialty drinks. The K-Cup® delivers a product that is rich, full-flavored, and freshly made—and your beverage is ready in less than two minutes.

 You'll find a wide variety of brands of coffee available in K-Cups®, including Starbucks, Tully's, and Newman's Own. You're sure to find the specific roasts and flavors you like—from earthy to spicy, and from dark to sweet.

On the Your Coffee Cup website, we take care to offer a selection of coffees to meet every taste. The single-cup format of the K-Cup® brings you a convenient way to sample different coffees with minimal investment of time and money.

 We invite you to bookmark Your Coffee Cup to keep up with the newest K-Cups® for your Keurig® single-serve brewer. Keurig® is always adding new coffees to its lineup, and we bring you the best prices we can find.

K-Cup® Coffee Portion Packs

Coffee lovers have more than 200 different K-Cup® Portion Pack beverage flavours available. The Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing systems make the perfect choice for coffee drinkers at home or at work, who want to enjoy the taste of freshly made ground coffee, without all of the hassle and mess.

As well as your classic flavours of dark roast, medium roast and light roast coffee, our K-Cup® Portion Packs also come in a whole range of different tea blends and hot cocoa flavours.  We also have speciality K-Cup® Portion Packs with everything from Chai Latte and Café Mocha to Special Reserve 100% Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain.

K-Cup® Coffee Portion Packs


Each of our K-Cup® Portion Packs deliver you a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or cold beverage each and every time and are available in a variety of sizes.

Here a reminder; K-Cup® Portion Packs also come in decaf and half-caff for those who do not want that full caffeine buzz and for the more health conscious of you, we also offer a range of K-Cup® Portion Packs with vitamin bursts of strawberries and pomegranate and acai berry or the antioxidant effects of green tea with blood orange and star fruit or blackberry and pomegranate.

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The Popularity of the Original Keurig K-Cup®

The biggest news in the world of fresh home-brewed coffee since the invention of Keurig's K-Cup® in 1998 happened in late 2012 when Keurig's patent on the original design of the beloved single-serve coffee pack expired. Some people felt this could be the beginning of the end of Keurig, but the company proved the naysayers wrong. How did Keurig do it? Keurig worked to form partnerships with the most well-known names in brewed beverages. They packaged more and more “co-branded” products, bringing popular drinks to the K-Cup® label. In other words, rather than make their own version of K-Cups®, other companies partnered with Keurig to utilize Keurig's existing production and distribution tools to bring the best quality beverages to you, the consumer.

One of the best parts about K-Cups® is that you can always find something new to try. Keurig® continues to reach out to different coffee roasting companies to add to the K-Cup® line of coffees. Whether you want Kona coffee from Hawaii or Columbian coffee from South America, you'll find the coffees you want for your Keurig® single-cup brewing system.

Based in Seattle, Your Coffee Cup is not only located in the center of coffee culture but also in the middle of the organic foods movement. That's why we're proud to feature several varieties of organic coffee in K-Cup® single-serve packs. You'll also notice several west coast favorites on our site. We love Starbucks, of course, and we also highly recommend Peet's coffee from our foodie haven to the south, San Francisco.

Your Coffee Cup makes a point of bringing everyone's favorite K-Cup® coffees together in one easy-to-access shop. We're here 24 hours a day, bringing you the best in gourmet coffees that you can brew