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K-Cup Half-Caff

K-Cup Half-Caff

When they created their half-caff coffee blends, Keurig® described these unique K-Cup® varieties as giving coffee lovers the “best of both worlds.” These beverages contain only half the caffeine of fully caffeinated coffees without sacrificing any of the flavor that customers have come to expect from Keurig® brewed coffees.

If you're cutting back on caffeine, or if you simply have times when you want a more subtle caffeine boost, half-caff coffees make a great choice. The beans are roasted to perfection, followed by a natural decaffeination process.

Your Coffee Cup recommends Green Mountain Coffee Roasters half-caff coffees, made exclusively for Keurig® K-Cup® single-serve portion packs. We've found the roast to be dark and incredibly rich—we honestly didn't miss the “missing” caffeine at all.

For a variety of decaf, half-caff, and fully caffeinated coffees—as well as tea, cocoa, and other brewed beverages—browse all the categories of K-Cups® here at Your Coffee Cup.

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K-Cup Half-Caff

We know some coffee drinkers who want the exact same cup of coffee every time they turn on their Keurig® brewing system. On the other hand, we know people who drink different beverages at different times of day—full caff in the morning, half caff in the afternoon, and decaf in the evening. No matter what your preferences might be, Keurig® has K-Cup® portion packs to match your tastes.

 As we at Your Coffee Cup know very well, Keurig® delivers consistently fresh and delectable coffee. The brewing process in your Keurig® machine is fast, efficient, and reliable—and the K-Cups® are expertly packed to maintain optimum flavor.

As we also know, when your friends come over and see your Keurig® brewing system, they're going to want to sample a single-serve beverage or two for themselves. Many people prefer half-caff coffee, so it's a good idea to keep some on hand to share with guests.

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