Huge selection of Keurig® Brewing Systems & K-Cup® Portion Packs

K-Cup® Variety Packs

K-Cup® Variety Packs

Make the Most of Your Keurig® Christmas Gift with Your Coffee Cup

If you received a new Keurig® Brewing System for Christmas, you'll want to find a great selection of K-Cup® beverage portion packs at the best available prices. The editors at Your Coffee Cup keep an eye out for the best deals on K-Cup® coffees, teas, and other specialty drinks and pass the savings on to you.

Since Christmas, you've probably been enjoying a sampling of different K-Cups® along with your new brewer. Have you found some favorites yet? From earthy dark roasts to sweet flavored coffees, there's a wide selection of brands to explore.

A lot of us get into the habit of drinking the same coffee every day, maybe stopping for a cup at the drive-through on the way to work. We get so into our routine that we don't even have the time to think that, hey, maybe we want something new instead of the same old latte or Americano. With K-Cups®, you have the time to leisurely sample the coffees and teas of your choice while relaxing at home.


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K-Cup® Variety Packs

With your new Keurig® brewer, it's easy to drop a single-serve pack into your machine, and before you know it, your kitchen has taken on the fresh aroma of your favorite coffee shop. That's a Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Treat yourself to the best coffees and teas all year by checking out Your Coffee Cup.