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Keurig Vue® Brewer

Keurig Vue® Brewer

What Is the Keurig Vue® Brewer?

Known informally as the “next generation” after the Keurig K-Cup® brewers, the Keurig Vue® includes all the features you expect from Keurig—and then adds more.

If you love technological gadgets, you'll love this brewing system. The Vue® has a color touch screen with an interface which allows you to customize many aspects of the brewing process. And do you prefer a grande-sized coffee? The Vue® lets you select from different brewing sizes, so you can make drinks that fit perfectly inside your favorite large coffee cup or travel mug.

The Keurig Vue® brewing system has its own system of single-serve portion packs which are similar yet different from K-Cups®.

Unlike K-Cup® brewers, the Vue® can make specialty beverages which use a two-cup process: one pod contains coffee, and another has dried milk, cream, and other familiar ingredients for making drinks like lattes and cappucinos.

Your Coffee Cup recommends the Keurig Vue® Brewer for people who want a more customized experience when it comes to making coffee. With the Vue®, you have more features than offered with the standard K-Cup® brewing system—and all the ease and convenience you expect from Keurig®.

Our favorite aspect of the Vue® is that you can adjust the size from anywhere between four ounces for small espresso cups to 18 ounces for large travel mugs. If you've been buying coffee on your way to work every morning, your investment in a Vue® will pay off quickly.

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Keurig Vue® Brewer

The most unique aspect of the Vue® is that it allows you to make coffeehouse-style drinks: lattes, cappuccinos, lattes...! With special “frother” packs made from real milk, you can effortlessly create your favorite cafe beverages.

Because of its special features, the Vue® isn't compatible with K-Cups. Instead it uses customized Vue® packs. As another mark of the new technology Keurig has introduced with the Vue®, these Vue® packs are made from #5 plastic, which is recyclable.

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If you want the speed of instant coffee but the taste of a coffeehouse beverage, the Keurig Vue® could be just the machine you're looking for. It's simpler and quicker than an espresso machine and has more options than a conventional coffee brewing system. With the Vue®, you have more control over various aspects of the brewing process.

You can adjust the brew temperature, and if you prefer stronger coffee, you can utilize a setting that creates a stronger brew by slowing down the process through which water passes through the Vue® pod. Nothing could be easier than filling the brewer with water and adding a pre-measured Vue® cup. You can make delicious milk-based drinks like hot chocolate—plus you can choose from the usual range of coffees, teas, and other beverages made by Keurig® and their famous partners like Tully's and Newman's Own.