Huge selection of Keurig® Brewing Systems & K-Cup® Portion Packs

Kids Love Keurig®

Why Kids Love Keurig®


When thinking of Keurig® brewing systems and K-Cup® single-serve beverage portion packs, the first word that comes to mind is “coffee,” but at Your Coffee Cup you can find many other brewed beverages that your kids will love.

For kids who like chocolate, you'll find a variety of cocoa drinks. Try familiar brands like Swiss Miss, and sample a selection of flavors with the hot chocolate samplers that Keurig® and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have put together. If you type “cocoa” into the search box at the upper right corner of every Your Coffee Cup page, your search will bring up lots of drinks to try, covering a range of flavors from white chocolate to milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

Another favorite winter drink for kids is hot apple cider, which is available in several of the K-Cup® sampler and gift packs, including a special “toasty winter” pack that would surely be a hit at slumber parties.

Finally, you'll find a wide selection of teas available for brewing with your Keurig® system, and these can be a special treat for your kids in the morning before school while you sip your own wake-up beverage. And did you know that you can make iced tea with your Keurig® brewer as well? It's a great year-round treat, and you can experiment with any number of tasty flavors.

The next time you stock up on K-Cup® portion packs on Your Coffee Cup, your whole family can enjoy.

~ Safety Note: Your Keurig® brewer or any other coffee brewing system shoul always be operated under the direct supervision of adult(s)