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Organic Coffee for Keurig® Brewing Systems

Organic Coffee for Keurig® Brewing Systems


Once you begin shifting to organic foods and beverages, it's hard to go back to conventionally grown and processed products. Fortunately, Keurig® offers a number of varieties of organic coffee for their popular K-Cup® brewers as well as other Keurig® brewing systems.

At Your Coffee Cup, we know from our own experience that making the switch to organic can be a slow yet rewarding process. Like many people, we started by switching to organic produce, particularly those items which we noticed on our shopping list every week: apples, carrots, lettuce, etc. As coffee is an important part of our daily intake of food and drink, we began researching organic options.

One of the most well-known organic brands, Newman's Own, offers a nice selection of organic coffees in single-serve portion packs for your Keurig® brewer. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is another well-known organic brand—and even better, GMCR is known for prioritizing fair trade policies in working with coffee growers, so you not only get a quality product, but you can trust the ethical practices in its production.

Corporate Responsibility Magazine ranked GMCR as its #1 “best corporate citizen” in both 2006 and 2007, and the company is known for its social and environmental awareness. When you buy a GMCR blend, you can trust that the coffee is the end result of a mindful, healthy process.

Find the best selection of K-Cups® and other Keurig® products at Your Coffee Cup, where we are always working to build our knowledge and selection of single-serve brewed beverage products.