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Why I Like K-Cup Tea in ® Single-Serve Packs

Why I Like K-Cup Tea in ® Single-Serve Packs

My friends have always been avid coffee drinkers, but I've always preferred tea. I never thought I'd need to buy any Keurig® products because I thought the brewers were intended mostly for making coffee. Why should I give up my trusted cardboard boxes of tea?

My best friend recently bought a Keurig® single-cup brewer, and she bought a selection of teas in addition to her favorite coffees. I've sampled several different teas at her house now, and they've all been fresh and delicious.

Doing research online, I found out that you can also brew iced tea in a Keurig® brewer. I'm one of those people who enjoys a cool glass of iced tea on a warm day, but no one else in my family drinks tea. I love the idea of brewing myself a single glass of iced tea using a single-serve K-Cup pack®.

When people think of Keurig Brewed® beverages, they often think of coffee, but be sure to remember that the company hasn't forgotten the tea drinkers of the world. I'm looking forward to enjoying the brand name teas I love, such as Celestial Seasons, Twinings, and Bigelow, with my own Keurig® single-serve brewer.

Gretta Kelly

Washington DC

Loyal Coffee Drinker

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